Tools Every Mobile Apps Designer should Know


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UI/UX Design

We have been experimenting with different inbuilt tools, plug-ins, and extensions, present in these toolkits, to help you out in making a right choice when selecting online resources for designing your own apps.

1.Color Palette

PlaceIt Generate perfect color combinations for your designs.


Sketch It is highly similar to the most popular design software Photoshop, but it is a more powerful graphic design tool. This tool not only provides a wide range of tools but also deliver results that look very professional. A few advanced features that it provides are stylized vector shapes, 2x zooming export, and infinite zooming. With an Export All feature present in this vector-based tool, it can export images in all three major formats – PNG, JPG, and PDF. Sketch combines functionalities from 3 best tools used in design: provides vector logos just like Illustrator, visual designs same as Photoshop, and wireframing similar to one seen in Omnigraffle.


PlaceIt Placeit allows you to create mockups and product demo videos with a couple of clicks - absolutely no Photoshop needed! Here you’ll find Apple devices


Create your own color combination


Instagram Page for UI/UX Design

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