API-Technical Assignment


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API-Technical Assignment

Hi User,

Technical assignment to be done within 3- 3:30 hrs

-1. Very first page of your app should show the list of employees from API. At the bottom right corner there should be a Add new employee button, which should be used to create new employee. -2. On click of an individual employee from list of employees, user should see details of employee, where employee details can be deleted/updated. -3. On the detail screen on the left side there should be a delete button and right hand side should update button clicking on which details should be updated on the API. -4. The CRUD operation should be done using this API doc.

API documentation link - http://dummy.restapiexample.com

Also pls share xcode project file of this assignment on yugn27@gmail.com. You are free to choose any UI as per your understanding. Feel free to ask in case of any doubts.

Try to implement project using MVC design pattern.

Thanks and Regards

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